Losing Your Faith

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Losing Direction?…B.U.G.S.

Our churches are in crisis would certainly be the theme if we look at the headlines in the news today. One would have to wonder what is happening within our churches. There is an obvious breakdown in the overall function of the church. Are we losing our purpose?? Are we losing direction from God?

Scare Tactics

Motivating someone to do something by piling on the possibility of “DOOM” is certainly not the way to get members of a congregation to move. Sentencing them to eternal “HELL” should not be the tactic used in order to point them in the direction you want them to go. Implying that “THEY WILL SURELY DIE” can’t be the way to get people to serve God! Producing an environment based on “FEAR” surely couldn’t be the way God wants His church to operate.


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